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About us


Cryptokruz stands behind our exceptional availability with guaranteed service level agreements. For the past 5 years, our service to the world has earned an average of 97% CSAT score from our customers. unlike any other trading platform, we believe in having a dense impact on the volume of our customer's investment.

We have adapted so good to suit the needs of all our customer's complains and reviews thus we have improved on our design and experience to give you the best Autopilot trading and user experience.


Cryptokruz made a profit of 4900 for me in just two months after my initial investment of $5000 which I still have running for the third consecutive month.
Ellyse Perry
This is not the first platform I used but I can vouch for the service they provided, it was outstanding in its own way. I love the uniqueness they showed. I will add photos of my experience when I get them but for now, I will just leave with the words I deem fit.
Mira Johnson
I wasted so much of my time and money with other fake website for months but after I was referred to cryptokruz my status has changed completely.
Jamie Dunn