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About us


Cryptokruz stands behind our exceptional availability with guaranteed service level agreements. For the past 5 years, our service to the world has earned an average of 97% CSAT score from our customers. unlike any other trading platform, we believe in having a dense impact on the volume of our customer's investment.

We have adapted so good to suit the needs of all our customer's complains and reviews thus we have improved on our design and experience to give you the best Autopilot trading and user experience.


Cryptokruz is an outstanding trading platform. They have been tried and trusted, I recommend potential investors to engage with complete trust because you have nothing to lose.
Kate Robertson
Was almost too Good to be true, Had to attest to its benefits, indeed profoundly remarkable professional strategies, well structured, Was easy to navigate and productive, and had amazing customer service. Glad am back on track, an amazing experience so far.
Robert B.
I've come to appreciate the opportunity given to me in knowing that an investment platform like this one actually exists it has been a wonderful experience and a great means for anyone looking for something else by the side without having to put in so much work, it's relaxing and satisfying at the same time. This is indeed great.
Charlotte J.