How can i become a customer?

The only requirements to becoming a customer is registration once you are of legal age (18).

How secure is my investment Portfolio?

Our customers data are stored on encrypted Blockchain technology servers making it difficult for anyone to access your investment without authorization.

what e-currency do we accept?

We accept Bitcoin and other crypto-currency.

Who can be our client?

Our platform is open to customers from all over the world.

Who manages the funds?

Investment are completely managed by our AI Auto-Pilot trading system even without human supervision at all times.

How can i withdraw my profits?

Withdrawal is as easy as deposit. you only need to make a withdrawal request and choose your preferred method of payment.

How can i get Bitcoin to invest?

You can easily purchase Bitcoin from vendors, bitcoin atm and other reliable website listed on our platform and you can also ask support for assistance.

Can i loose my investment.

Cryptokruz has a back-end investment recovery insurance. There is an assigned encryption key behind every deposit made by our customer that protects your funds all through the investment period.

How long it takes to receive payment after i request withdrawal?

Simple! Withdrawal request takes no longer than 24 hours depending on the volume of your withdrawal.

IS cryptokruz a legit trading company?

You will be amazed at our positive reviews from a large network of investors and partners.

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